Working conditions

Our working conditions are quite simple and as loyal to the client as possible.

The main stages.
1. Through form or according to ours contacts we will receive from you or have already received introductory information, after analysis we will contact you and let you know if it is possible to complete your task.
2. If there are additional questions, we will clarify them with you, or offer solutions.
4. After the full approval of the amount and time ( if it is known exactly ) we will ask you for a prepayment of 20% of the order value as guarantees from you. Payment through our website 
5. After executing the application, we show the demo version of the data.
6. After full payment, we transfer the entire base.

If errors or inaccuracies are found in the data, we correct them.

We do not take up work if we are not sure about its implementation.
We do not parsing on the terms "to see how it goes"

We return the prepayment if through our fault we cannot complete the task.

These transactions are not transferred to third parties.