Who owns the information – he owns the world

  • Who owns the information – he owns the world

The story of this statement.

The history of this phrase dates back to Napoleon. It was he, or rather his actions, who served the two brothers, who became the authors of this saying. But about everything in order.

There was a battle of Napoleon at Waterloo. The brothers Nathan and Jacob Rothschilds, who had a passion for breeding carrier pigeons, carefully watched everything that was happening. Seeing that Bonaparte is about to be defeated, Nathan Rothschild hurries to London in a hurry. Pigeon mail, with news of the lost battle, was sent only the next morning, when Rothschild's leg was already stepping on the floor of the London Exchange ... It is easy to predict the behavior of Nathan, because only he had information about the loss of the battle by Napoleon. Of course, inspiring the players of the exchange in every possible way for the next successes of Bonaparte, he began to sell his shares. London bookmakers, deciding that their compatriots were not able to win, followed the example of Rothschild – began to sell shares. The exchange market reacted immediately – stock prices and securities began to plummet, while Rothschild's helpers quietly, without attracting attention, bought them. A day later, the exchange was aware of the true state of affairs in the battle of the French and British, but by that time the visionary Nathan had become richer by 40 million pounds.

The invaluable help that he played so cunningly on stock quotes undoubtedly was that he had the necessary information at his disposal before everyone else, and not taking advantage of such an advantage would be unreasonable. After that, the Rothschild clan came up with a saying - « Who owns the information, he owns the world ». Later, the famous Winston Churchill breathed a new life into it when he spoke it in his speech.